S. Basilio di Ariano nel Polesine

Where the village of San Basilio Ariano Polesine stands today, there was an important port settlement that welcomed goods from Adriatic markets in Etruscan and Roman times.
The Roman settlement was identified via the mansio Hadriani, a second century BC post office located at the point where via Popillia, coming from Rimini, headed for Adria, whereas a coastal route went on to Loreo in later times.
Between the late IV and early V century AD, San Basilio was the site of a Paleochristian community; a cathedral with a baptistery was built, which is currently visible in the archaeological area open to the public. A small necropolis with inhumation burials was also connected to the church. As for the church, only the perimeter wall and the southern part of the apse facing east have been identified, and therefore the current state of research cannot define its layout. The baptistery is of the type with octagonal layout and central basin and apse on the eastern side; it was connected to the church perhaps via some arcades, which must have been functional to the complex rituals of baptism.
A large monumental building datable to the Roman Empire (II-III century AD) that has not been investigated in its entirety can be seen in the archaeological area. It might have been a large warehouse suitable for the port's substantial commercial traffic.