Concordia Sagittaria

The basilica was built very rapidly at the end of IV century AD in order to make sure Concordia Sagittaria would have a building ahead of Aquileia that would be worthy of housing the relics of Apostles Andrew and Thomas, St. John the Baptist, St. Luke and St. John the Evangelist. The speed of construction led to the building of a very simple and barren church, embellished on several occasions during the V-VI century AD. Renovations included the additions of an atrium and a semicircular apse with side service areas, while new mosaic floors and architectural decorations were also added. Parallel to these operations of "monumentalization", a smaller building terminating in three apses (trichora) was built next to the Basilica, perhaps at the beginning of the fifth century AD; it was later enlarged by covering the space in front of the courtyard and the addition of a colonnade atrium with space for numerous burials.